Friday, July 06, 2007


Is this thing on?

Cass and I are testing interest in another Vegan Pal swap. So let us know:
  1. Are you interested in doing it again?
  2. Would you want it to start now, or are you swamped in other swaps and would like to wait?
  3. What would you be sure to keep the same or be sure to change from last time?
  4. Would you be interested in helping to host?


1. Yes
2. Whenever
3. How about a Vegan Magic Yarn Ball?
4... I will if y'all really need me to, but I'd rather not. Not that I had a bad time last time or anything, nonono. It was easy and fun, I'm just really busy right now.
PS I don't think many people pop in here anymore, so you might wanna put it on your blogs. =)
1. YES!
2. Now would be fine, or maybe next month (August)? Like signups could be open now, end by August 1, packages have to be out by September 1... that gives everyone enough time without having to wait TOO long, in my opinion. :)
3. The same is fine, though Vegan Magic Yarn Ball would be fun!
4. Yes! I was actually going to propose a second round myself!
Vicki at Vegan Vice ( would like to join. She does sewing and mosaics but couldn't comment.
I´d love to do a vegan pal swap, but I´d like it to be a little later in the fall/winter - I have all these GYS swaps I have to finish. Maybe not a magic yarn ball, or keeping it as an volountary option.
1. Yes
2. August sounds good
3. I liked the old format, but I would love to try a vegan magic yarn ball
4. No hosting for me, but I can help with the publicity
I wasn't part of the first one (hadn't heard about it) but I would love to get in on a swap in the future!
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