Thursday, December 28, 2006


Wrapping up

As of today, everyone has received their swap packages! Thanks to all of you for being such wonderful swap partners. No flakes either!!! That was a big load of my and Sarah H.'s mind; we're proud to have hosted such a successful swap. You guys all rock!!

Through the swap, I hope you've made some new friends (I know I have ) and learned a thing or two (yep, that too!). Afterall, that was the point of the whole thing.

Sarah and I are talking about hosting a vegan-magic-yarn-ball swap in the upcoming months. This is where you take a hank/skein of yarn and hand wrap it into a ball, while coiling up little treasures within. It can be done with either one type of yarn or leftovers tied together in a pleasing manner. The idea is you're supposed to knit the ball into something, revealing the surprises as you go, but most people just unwind it to get to the good stuff. =) I'll be posting on my blog when we go live with it. I'm expecting it to be March-ish.

One more thing, if you've ever wondered how Swap-bot picks swappers, I managed to get a little info by being a host. I'm sure it's random, but the list goes in one big circle. I was wondering if there was a chance that 3 or 4 or half the people completed their own circle, but it seems not. Here's our list, for the curious. Read it like this: Carla A sent to Ellie who sent to Hayley who sent to, etc, etc.

Carla A.
Michelle B.
Sarah L.
Michelle L.
Michelle C.
Sarah P.
Sarah H.
Carla G.
Carla A.

Ciao for now!

I would like to make my own post but since it would never let me join, I will have to say here, THANK YOU DESIRÉE! We called this a co-hosting swap, but it was you who made it happen. You fully rock & I just wanted to give credit where it is due! hugs to you!
Sarah H btw. Whoops for not saying so in the first post! :)
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