Wednesday, December 06, 2006


We Should All Get Great Mail

I got my Vegan Pal package a few days ago. But i only knew i got it yesterday, when i got home from 6 days in Boston, visiting my sister. How fantastic to come home to a great big package and FLOWERS from Sabrina. She was very sweet with her ideas for me - a fabulous array of zines, craft supplies, fun cards, soap, a tin she decorated, fun pins, and some lovely beads and teas. Oh, the list is endless. For someone who claims to not be crafty like me (she doesn't knit or sew like i do), she came off splendidly with a wonderfully fitting package just for me.

The flowers alone were lovely. And for me to get them just in time for December 6, i was so touched. They were purple too, and have some sort of daisy - both symbols of awareness for violence against women. Just what i needed!

Thanks Sabrina!

oh, that's a great package!!!
Yeah, great package!
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